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365 Movie Challenge

167/365 “3,2,1 Frankie Go Boom" (2012)

Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Chris O’Dowd, Chris Noth, Lizzy Caplan  and Ron Perlman

Rating: 3/5






Episode 7x6 Karma summary:

A shocking discovery forces Sookie to reassess her recent involvement with Bill.

Watching Sookie putting on the black leather jacket made me think for a minute:  Who always wears a black leather jacket?  Alcide?  No!  Eric!  We saw the pic of Eric wearing his leather jacket and holding Sookie; then we see a mysterious pic of Eric without his leather jacket and holding Sookie.  Just a thought.

I’m sorry to have to say that it looks as if it’s Alcide’s jacket. 

Yeah. As much as I want to believe she was thinking of Eric, Arlene told Sookie she used to wear Terry’s shirt after he died because it felt like he was holding her. That’s why she put on Alcide’s jacket.

I keep looking for reasons to hope, especially in light of all the supposed spoilers.  And I want Sookie to show more concern for Eric’s condition, but she just doesn’t love him as much as he loves her.  :(