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Victoria, I am almost 18 years old. I like cats, Håkan Hellström, Crystal Castles, A day to remember, Bon iver, tea, art, photography, winter, autumn, books, Pax Café, Polen, adventure time, indie
and so much more!
I love my boyfriend Peter, he's awesome!
I study society-media, third year this fall.


Goodnight ladies and gentlemen.
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50 Days of Fall
Day 18: Do you believe in ghosts? | I do. They kinda freak me out lol. Because when you die you just can’t not exist right? Try to imagine what it’d be like to not exist. It’s frustrating because you can’t do it. Is that weird? Maybe. But I think some spirits could definitely be hanging around.
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Books on We Heart It.
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Hollister on We Heart It.
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Cats♡ on We Heart It.
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@ladygaga: Look who I found after the gym!
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Gif from 'Vi har några att tacka' by Laerke Herthoni
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Screen shots from 'Vi har några att tacka' by Laerke Herthoni